We pride ourselves on our collaborative and flexible appoach

Maddox Consulting helps companies gain a comprehensive understanding of their customers, and develop the right sales and marketing strategy to reach out to different customer segments.

Customer Insight and Analysis
Gaining an understanding of customers based on rigorous analysis rather than preconceived supposition is key to effective sales, marketing and business development. We work with our clients to deliver robust, data driven segmentation of their customer base, and identify strategic opportunities to develop new products or enhance price differentiation. If clients are looking to capture new information on their customer base, we have considerable experience in working with specialist market research agencies to undertake bespoke quantitative and qualitative research.

Developing an integrated e-commerce strategy
A great advantage of online sales and marketing are the opportunities to test innovations and the plethora of data available to evaluate them. By combining our analytical skill, our understanding of the online market place and detailed sector knowledge, we are able to work with clients to develop strategies to improve the effectiveness of their online marketing spend. We work with clients to drive more traffic to their sites, and to improve the conversion rate of that traffic. We then undertake robust but rapid evaluation of those initiatives, and work with our clients to enhance the effectiveness of these strategies.

Yield Management and Revenue Optimisation
We have extensive experience of analysing the relationship between price and demand, and developing fare and pricing strategies that maximise revenue given different customer segments, competitive pressures and regulatory constraints. We can then translate this analysis into detailed demand forecasting models, and consider different pricing and distribution strategies to maximise the yield and demand across each customer segment.