We pride ourselves on our collaborative and flexible appoach

Maddox Consulting helps companies ensure that they have the optimal organisational design and backbone processes to deliver their strategy and achieve growth.  We work with companies facing paradigm shifts in their market place, to ensure they have the optimal structure to capitalise on these opportunities.

Restructuring and Organisational Design
We work with companies who are facing significant change and help them understand the challenges and opportunities presented. This often leads to a change in corporate strategy, which will then require changes to the organisational design to position the company in the appropriate position to deliver this strategy. We help companies identify the appropriate restructuring to achieve this and develop financial models to test the costs and benefits of alternative options. We then work with senior executives to implement these changes, and cascade the resultant changes in strategy and approach to middle management.

Cost Reduction and Benchmarking
We work with companies to understand their cost base and identify opportunities to drive cost out of the business. This often involves a granular examination of activities across the business, as well as benchmarking with other organisations and examination of external best practice. We place particular emphasis on establishing a culture of cost management and reduction throughout the business, ensuring that our assignments have an on-going do not just deliver one off benefits, but also leave a legacy of on-going cost reduction.

Process Mapping
We help companies define and articulate their core processes used in their day to day business activity, and by so doing identify opportunities for performance improvement and cost reduction. We place particular emphasis on challenging the feedback loop within their processes, and help companies instill a culture of continuous improvement.