We pride ourselves on our collaborative and flexible appoach

Maddox works with blue chip firms and management teams to help them develop and fund new business ventures. We provide business planning and development advice from defining a concept through to implementation, developing an idea into an operational business. 

Concept Definition
We work with management teams to take an idea and turn it into a business opportunity. Using a range of tools including strategic workshops, primary research and operational planning, we help management articulate the concept into a compelling business proposition, and then identify the target customers and operating model. Where appropriate, we undertake international benchmarking exercises to identify best practice, and can also leverage specialist expertise as required to help transform a theoretical concept into a practical plan.

Market Research
If the new business involves a new concept or service, we often work with specialist market research agencies to manage primary research programmes to inform the service concept, operational model and business case. This research may include qualitative analysis through focus groups and depth interviews, as well as quantitative surveys and conjoint analysis.

Business Planning
We develop high impact, investor-ready business plans that clearly articulate the commercial opportunities, and set out practical plans to realise them. All our business plans are underpinned by robust, bespoke financial models, supported by specialist demand and operational models as required. Sensitivity testing and risk analysis forms an integral part of our business planning process, and we often use simulation programmes such as @RISK to enhance this analysis.

Having developed the business plan, we work with management teams to help them secure funding. We have worked with many of the world’s leading private equity firms, and have a detailed understanding of private equity’s investment criteria and the best ways to secure funding. We have particularly strong relationships with some of the smaller private equity houses, looking to fund investments under £10m.

When funding for a new business has been secured, we work with management to help them bringing their venture to life.  We can provide planning advice and project management skills to ensure that the business is launched to time and budget.  Where the business requires specialist skills, such as IT integration and website development, our programme management skills allow us to manage interdependent workstreams to ensure a successful launch.