We pride ourselves on our collaborative and flexible appoach

Maddox Consulting focuses on helping organisations and financial institutions capitalise on significant change to achieve long term, sustainable growth and diversification.

We do this by focusing on five key service areas:

Corporate Strategy
We help companies address major questions about their path to growth and diversification. This includes analysing the performance of their current portfolio, reviewing new market opportunities and developing market entry plans. Having identified growth opportunities, we often work with our clients through the implementation stage to bring the strategy to life.

New Business Development
We work with clients to turn ideas into reality.  We help them develop an initial concept into a full service proposition, prepare a business plan, secure funding and launch the venture.  We have extensive experience managing research and benchmarking studies to refine service offerings, forecasting demand for new products and services and developing financial models.

Transaction Support
We assist our clients in identifying potential acquisition targets and provide advice throughout the acquisition process and initial post acquisition period. We work with investors to undertake commercial due diligence and valuations, and develop transition and value creation plans. In addition, we have had considerable success helping clients win concessions and franchises let by the public sector, working on bid strategy, bid writing and financial modelling

Strategic Sales and Marketing
We create frameworks to analyse demand and customer segmentation. We then develop pricing and distribution strategies to maximise revenue from each segment. We help clients develop strategic partnerships to facilitate the cross promotion of existing services and the development of new, “value added” products, and we assist clients in developing e-commerce strategies based on rigorous analytics.

Performance Enhancement
We help our clients ensure they have fit-for-purpose organisational design and business processes to deliver their strategy and achieve sustainable growth when faced with major change in their business or market place. We work with our clients to help them benchmark their performance, both internally and against industry best practice. We identify opportunities for improving performance, and assist throughout the implementation process.