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The social imperatives to address climate change are well known. The commercial implications the opportunities that it creates are less understood. However, all organisations large and small face uncertainty as their business responds to the changes in the market place and regulation that action to address climate change will bring.

Many of the questions that companies face address both environmental and financial concerns, such as how can we reduce our energy costs and take advantage of renewable energy? Others may cause companies to review their relationship with all their stakeholders such as what will new and future environmental legislation require us to do and what responsibility do we have for the environmental impact of our supply chain?

Longer term strategic questions, such as how can we gain competitive advantage and create value for shareholders and what organisational capabilities will we need in order to achieve our environmental objectives may cause companies to challenge their strategy and organisational structure.

Over the past 5 years, Maddox Consulting has established a reputation as a market leader in helping companies address these questions.

Our environmental practice focuses on three principal areas:

  • Commercial environmental strategy
  • Reducing the environmental impact across the value chain
  • Green technology commercial evaluation

    Commercial Strategy
    Developing a sound commercial environmental strategy helps companies reduce costs, enhance value creation, retain and attract new customers and reduce regularity risks. Maddox Consulting has developed a five stage process to work with companies to develop a commercial environmental strategy. We use this process to:

    • Assess a company’s environmental maturity across a number of key dimensions to determine a company’s high level objectives;
    • Measure the carbon footprint of a business’s current activities, establish processes for ongoing measurements and identify and quantify operational initiatives to reduce this;
    • Provide guidance on organisation changes that will support the environmental agenda;
    • Undertake analysis of broader climate change risks and opportunities;
    • Crystalise conclusions into an environmental strategy with prioritised action plans to realise these objectives.

      Value Chain Analysis
      Many companies are currently focused on the environmental impact of their own part of the value chain; fewer are actively focussed on the upstream and downstream impacts. Maddox works with companies to establish the priority areas of their value chain. Examples of work packages may include:

      • Estimating the carbon emissions of supply chain;
      • Establishing environmental criteria within procurement;
      • Educating and engaging with suppliers;
      • Analysing in-use and end-of-life carbon consumption and identifying opportunities to reduce this.

        Green Technology
        Maddox is well equipped to evaluate the commercial potential of green technologies for interested parties. We help:

        • Private equity and venture capital firms complete commercial due diligence on prospective investments;
        • Large companies identify targets for strategic acquisition and then provide post-acquisition support;
        • Technology firms develop business plans, prepare investor presentations and assist in securing funding.