We pride ourselves on our collaborative and flexible appoach

With the global economic slowdown hitting demand, increasing upward pressure on fuel prices and ever-growing environmental concerns, this is a challenging time for the aviation industry.

Long established carriers are struggling to gain the flexibility they need to survive in the current market place, whilst the slew of low cost carriers that have emerged over the past decade are trying to define a sustainable, long term presence in the market place. As the industry enters this period of consolidation and restructuring, so Maddox Consulting is uniquely placed to assist airlines, airports and aviation authorities to define sustainable strategies to capitalise on this disrupted market place.

The Maddox team has extensive experience working in the aviation sector. Our team has worked all over the world to:

  • Advise governments on the commercialisation, restructuring and strategic repositioning of state owned airlines and support subsequent privatisation;
  • Develop turnaround plans for struggling airlines, including detailed analysis of different network development options, service levels and operating models;
  • Analyse opportunities for airlines to expand, assessing potential demand on new routes and then working with management to develop market entry strategies in those routes;
  • Prepare business plans for the launch of new services, including concept definition, business and action plans, financing strategy, recruitment and staffing and application for an airline license. We have supported the development of regional passenger airlines, low cost carriers and cargo operations;
  • Assist management teams and private equity houses in developing management buy outs of airlines, including development of turnaround plans and commercial due diligence.

    We also have extensive experience working with airport management and investors. We have:

    • Supported investment fund in bids for airports, including the development of commercial strategies to support the growth of the airports, identification of cost and operational improvement opportunities, and development of financial models;
    • Advised airport operators and governments on airport development strategies, including developing detailed demand forecasting models for passenger and aircraft movements across different service types;
    • Assisted airport operators in understanding their market penetration within their catchment area, and developing strategies to increase their penetration within specific customer segments;
    • Worked with airports, governments and transport companies in developing surface access strategies for airports and understanding the role of surface access in influencing passenger choice at airport.