We pride ourselves on our collaborative and flexible appoach

Maddox Consulting advises blue chip companies, financial institutions and investors across the transport, travel and leisure sectors, and helps companies understand the implications and opportunities of climate change.

Surface Transport
We work with operators and authorities to develop and improve transport services, maximising the commercial returns whilst helping to meet the social requirements and reduce the environmental impact of travel. We have worked with almost all the major European surface transport groups, helping them bid for new franchises and operating concessions, and provide similar support to equipment manufacturers. We work with scheme promoters and project finance teams to develop the business case and funding plan for new infrastructure, identify the appropriate contracting model and risk allocation and assist in the procurement process.

We have long-term experience in working as a specialist strategy and transaction advisor in the aviation sector. Maddox Consulting has advised airlines, airports, governments and aviation authorities on a range of topics including privatisation, restructuring, expansion strategy, M&A transactions and other strategic issues. Our teams use fact and data-driven analysis and robust working processes to support recommendations, complemented by our deep knowledge in adjacent transport sectors. We have truly global expertise in aviation, having worked in 5 out of 7 continents, including Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, Africa, Australia and China.

Travel and Leisure
Our extensive experience in the transport sector extends naturally to travel and leisure operators. We work with maritime companies, tour operators and travel agents to help them develop new products, improve their marketing and enhance their service to secure higher passenger numbers and improve yields. We work with hotel chains to understand occupancy rates and identify opportunities to improve yield and positioning. We support restaurants, bars and hospitality providers develop new business and improve their performance across their portfolio. We have also supported numerous financial institutions looking to invest in the sector, identifying potential acquisition targets and undertaking commercial due diligence.

Climate Strategy
Maddox Consulting is an industry leader in helping companies develop commercially orientated, integrated environment management strategies. These strategies help companies meet their corporate responsibilities whilst responding to the new challenges and opportunities that climate change brings to their business. In addition, we work with companies on initiatives to reduce the carbon dependence across their value chain and we support the development of new green technologies, developing business plans, helping raise funding and developing sales and marketing strategies.

We have carefully developed our practice areas to offer the maximum value for our clients. By focusing on three interdependent sectors, we are able to identify lessons and best practice from a range of different industries to inform our analysis and help us develop innovative solutions in changing or uncertain markets.