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Maddox has been involved in the exciting development of new commercial helicopter services in China, following the recent liberalisation of low-altitude airspace.

Chinese low-altitude airspace has historically been closed, and as a consequence the aviation market in China has lagged the markets in other countries worldwide and not reached its massive potential domestically.

Progressively the market is being opened-up and aviation operators worldwide have strongly welcomed the recent announcement of the liberalisation of low-altitude airspace. This will create opportunities for rapid growth in private aviation, especially for helicopters which operate exclusively within low-altitude airspace.

We have led a team of advisors in the preparation of the initial business plan for new helicopter services to operate in the Shanghai and Tianjin areas, with operations due to commence in the summer of 2011. We are excited to remain involved as the main strategy/commercial advisor in the establishment of the business over the coming few months.

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