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Maddox at Home

  • August 31st, 2011

Tony is very pleased with the release of the 4th vintage of Sauvignon Blanc from his vineyard (http://www.elgingrovewines.com) in the Western Cape, South Africa .  The wine benefits from the vineyard’s unique location and micro-climate, which is influenced by the off-shore convergence of the Atlantic and Indian Oceans and its position behind the coastal mountains of the UNESCO registered Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve.  The vineyard was started from scratch, converting an apple orchard, near Appletizer Road (from whence the fizzy apple drink originates). The wine accompanies a variety of food well and a number of South Africa’s top chefs have endorsed the wine and included it in degustation / pairing menus.  Hopefully, the wine will be available in the UK soon, but can be shipped from South Africa by request. Pretty impressive for a 50-acre property.  Tony says in his inimitable style, “this all sounds very upmarket, but we are basically grape and apple farmers who make a bit of wine”.

Augusto successfully completed the Edinburgh Marathon in May, with a time of 3.59, achieving his target of being ‘sub-4 hours.’  A ‘second marathon’ started at 1800 that evening when a baggage pallet blown across the apron by a raging storm hit the belly of his aircraft and damaged it. After an intriguing night at the Holiday Inn at the Edinburgh Zoo, Augusto was finally able to board the repaired aircraft, landing at LHR only 21 hrs late.  Looks like the head of our aviation practice should offer his expertise on preventing delays to the folks at Edinburgh Airport!