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Looking Forward

  • August 31st, 2011

We are very pleased to have been awarded a leading-edge project by the European Commission to examine the international shipping sector and what the barriers are to the adoption of cost-effective measures to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.  International shipping and aviation have only relatively recently been subject to scrutiny by governments for their emissions.

As this is the anniversary edition, we look forward to another 10 years for Maddox.  There is currently much on the horizon with airports and ports and rail franchises, the private equity sector is picking up albeit primarily with secondary and tertiary sales, and climate change and renewables remain on the agenda as a now maturing sector, subject to at times inconsistent policy.  Travel & leisure and retail are both exposed to declining consumer spending and need a degree of restructuring, but are also buoyed by “stay in the UK” holidays…and novel business concepts usually find a way.

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