We pride ourselves on our collaborative and flexible appoach

Our approach to any project is centred on flexibility. We believe that each of our projects is different – all of our clients are unique and so are the specific challenges that they face. Our approach reflects this.

  • We develop a bespoke methodology and resourcing schedule for each project, rather than relying on proscribed processes.
  • We target our analysis to focus on the core issues and avoid excessive “number crunching” yet retain robust methodologies and clear analytical rigour.
  • We think laterally and creatively in our qualitative and quantitative solutions to identify the “big issues” early in the project, and then focus our efforts on addressing those issues, often meaning a tighter, better value project for our clients.

Whilst we have completed numerous “classic” long term strategic assignments, our flexibility allows us to take on and deliver projects that may not be suitable for larger strategy firms – we can work on small or short assignment, or longer term projects that requires a small level of support over an extended period.

We also try to retain this flexibility in our pricing structure, and are happy to discuss models by which we share our risks and rewards with our clients.

Within this flexibility, we do maintain one constant – a commitment to provide clients with exceptional results.